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What is OSU tablet?

For those who Play OSU, you probably know about OSU tablets? Of course, the tablets are a big help when you play the game. But what you might not know is the concept behind the tablets. To give you a little perspective, we will take you back to the mouse because it is the device that came first before the tablet. With a mouse, you can do everything you can do with a tablet, but there are many differences.

If you came here wondering about what are OSU tablets, you could never be in a better place. This post will be telling you everything and anything about OSU tablets. You will leave knowing better and probably decide to get the OSU tablet for a better gaming experience.

OSU tablet: what is it really?

It is a graphic tablet with loads of other names like a drawing pad, pen tablet, or digital artboard. The names are many but they all refer to the same device. They are input devices that allow the user to draw, add graphics, or animations. You will be using a stylus, which is more of a pen and you use it as an ordinary pencil on paper. You can also use the tablet to capture an array of data.

The tablet has a screen that you use as the working space. There is the stylus you use as a pen. Largely, the tablet is pushing out the mouse as the primary pointing device. Consequently, you do not need a mouse once you have a tablet.

As you will notice when you decide to shop for one, there are loads of graphic tablets in the market right now. What you end up purchasing will be determined by your preferences and needs. But we can guarantee you one thing; you are going to love the tablet as it will make your gaming way better than with a mouse.

Features for OSU tablet

While there are so many tablets out there, OSU tablets are specifically made for OSU gaming. Therefore, they have specific features that are geared towards making it easy and comfortable to play the game. Let’s explore some of the main features;

  • Drawing space: it is the active space on the tablet’s screen. This is where you use the stylus to draw, sketch, doodle, or write whatever you want to input. How large the working area depends on the size of the tablets. If you are looking forward to a large active working space, then you need a relatively large tablet.
  • Sensitivity: without sensitivity, you will get nothing done in the working area. It refers to the intensity of varying stroke sizes when using different levels of pressure. Higher sensitivity means you will not have to press hard on the active area to input your images.
  • Accuracy: this has more to do with where you want to position your images. It depends on the size of the pen’s nib.
  • A number of buttons and their types: tablets come with different types of buttons. The number of buttons also varies from one device to the next.
  • Resolution: it is a measure of the active area where you will be drawing and is measured in LPI.

As you buy your tablet, you should consider all these features and make sure they conform to your preferences.

Why the OSU tablet?

Do you really need an OSU tablet or should you stick with your mouse? Well, you will first need to know the perks of having the tablet before you can make an informed decision.

A tablet gives more control over your work. While mice use relative tracking, a tablet uses absolute tracking. If you lift the pen from one action point to another, the cursor will instantly migrate to that new point. You cannot get the immediate transition with a mouse.

With the OSU tablet, you have better odds to improve your craft than when using a mouse. The level of precision is significantly improved. Since you are getting more control in your hand, your images will be near to perfection.

Another thing is that the digital space is always growing. The mouse has been with us for a long time, and change is always good. Now that you have a tablet that is more advanced and easy to use, you should not have anything against it. You should take the leap and buy a tablet to improve your gaming experience. After all, every other OSU enthusiast is buying the tablets.


Now you know what OSU tablet is. You also know a few of its perks over a mouse. What remains is for you to decide if you want one or you will stick to what you know best. There is no harm in trying new things and an OSU tablet should be something you should buy in 2020.

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