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What is a Pop Socket?

Introduction of Pop Socket

Are you don’t know what a pop socket is and how it works? So let me clear this topic. I know that so many times you have dropped your phone to the ground. This is one of the “biggest problems in the history of the first world” and the inventor has a solution. They are called Popsockets; they are fashionable and solve one of the most everyday problems you can find every day when using your smartphone: use your mobile with one hand, thanks to this simple accessory.

Popsockets, Does this name sound to you? This tool is increasingly popular among smartphone users in the United States, although it is gradually reaching the rest of the world. For this reason, and before you see all your friends with one stuck on the mobile phone, we explain what pop sockets are and why you should have one if you propose.

About Pop Socket

The phones, tablets, and e – book s are becoming more significant, that there is no doubt. The screens of more than 5 inches are standard and, although thanks to them, we have discovered a new use for the little finger (this finger acts as official support of any mobile phone), it is very uncomfortable to operate our smartphone with one hand.

What is a pop socket?

Popsockets are suction cups that stick to the back cover of the mobile phone and allow you to place your finger between them. What do you get with this? Well, as simple as getting a better fixation of the smartphone in your hand. Think that if you usually hold the device with one hand, now you would add back support with finger included.

These pop sockets are extensible, so you can make the fixation larger or smaller. Besides, and this is quite important, the paste of the pop socket does not include glue or leave residual elements, so you can remove it and put it as many times as you want. Of course, as in any suction cup, it can wear out the more times you took it off and put it on.

The Pop Sockets are a small accessory that sticks to the back of your phone. You can be peeled it off and re-pasted it again, you can use as many times as you want, and you can use it both on the surface of the phone and it will do it by itself. It is simple, useful, and effective.

Final words

The Pop Clip accessory is a simple piece of plastic in which you can fit your Popsockets. Popsocket is one of the most unbillable inventions people like it so much. When it comes to the market, it made itself a famous product and people are crazy about it. It makes easy to carry a mobile, tablet or other accessories.  I hope you understand what a pop socket is. So, try our every word to understand and if you like it then leave a comment below here.

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