Alternatives Of Netflix

Netflix is the famous video streaming site which allows its users to watch movies, tv serials and tv shows online. Netflix has also launched its mobile app so that its user may get access to videos easily. Netflix is working from 1997 having more than 154 Million active users. Out of these 154 Million users, more than 148 Million are premium. Netflix is the most earning video site, its revenue is 16 Billion (as per 2018).

But the issue is that, netflix is not free. However, you can enjoy 30 days free trial. But you have to pay after this.


Alternatives Of Netflix

To access unlimited videos, movies, tv shows and dramas for free, you need to use these sites discussed below in details.


1)- Youtube:



Youtube is one of the best video streaming website on internet. Youtube is more secured and trusted than netflix as it is being owned by Google Llc. Unlike netflix, youtube is totally free but youtube is showing video ads sponsored by google adsense. Youtube is open platform where anyone can share videos and can earn money by google ads. Youtube has applied copyright act to stop ‘illegal duplication of alreasy existing content’. Here you can find a number of videos of different catagories and topics.


2)- Tubi Tv:



It is another video streaming site like netflix where we can easily find our favourite cartoons, tv shows, movies and much more. Premium content of movie studios like Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, MGM and disney are officially available for free. Unlike youtube and netflix, tubi tv is showing a bundle of ads that w’ll continue to disturb you every time. Tubi tv is a free platform, just visit their website to watch videos even without creating new account. You can also install their Android and IOS app from google play store and apple app store.


3)- Amazon Prime Video:



Amazon prime video is a top leveled website and app having a large collection of movies and videos. This network is owned by world’s largest e-commerce site “Amazon”. Amazon prime video is also creating their own content under production company “Amazon Original”. You can also enjoy latest songs, newly released movies, award winning shows and music from amazon prime video.


4)- PopcornFlix:



Popcornflix is also a video streaming site. It is most famous for watching newly released movies. Almost all type of movies, shows and other videos are added here regularly. You w’ll find a limited videos here but new and fresh content is available. Popcornflix is totally free available for desktop, android and ios devices. But unfortunatly, popcornflix don’t have much content as compared with other sites.


5)- Sony Crackle:



Sony Crackle is the best and free video streaming site. A large part of their content is paid. Unlike netflix, this site is also showing third party ads but these ads are more attrective and simple as compared to youtube. Sony Crackle is not only a video streaming website but also a movie producing network as they have produced a number of movies and tv shows. They are also hosting world famous tv shows. Sony Crackle works on all type of devices.


6)- Daily Motion:



Daily Motion is also a free video sharing website working since 2005. It was launched on 15 Mar 2005 about 14 years ago. It is also a video hosting and storing network. Here you can watch videos even without any registration. However, you need to create new account to unlock other features like commenting, uploading video and few other. Like netflix, a huge collection of movies, tv shows and videos are available on daily motion. You can enjoy them freely but daily motion is advertised by 3rd party advertisers.


7)- HBO Now:



Before talking about HBO Now, i would like to mention HBO Show which is world famous. HBO is a best place for movie lovers. It is one of the best alternative of Netflix as it also offers monthly subscription. Their premium package costs 14.99$ USD a month. You can use HBO on all type of devices same like netflix. Although, all type of movies, cartoons and videos are available on HBO Now but it is most famous for their shows.


8)- HULU:



Hulu is one of the best alternative to Netflix. Like Netflix, hulu also offers weekly and monthly free trials to its users. According to hulu blog “Hulu charge 7.99$ USD per month after a 30-day free trial and in case of Live TV(Beta), they charge 33.99$ USD with 7 days free trial”. There are many other features in which Hulu seems only a bit different from netflix.


9)- FanDor:



Fandor is a video site that is completely different from all of the above sites of this list. Fandor’s premium package costs 5.99$ per month with 7 days free trial and their yearly package costs 49.99$ USD.

Fandor is available for all devices including Nintendo, Playstation Vita, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, IOS & Android apps and Windows phones.





Crunchyroll is the last and least video streaming network of this list. It also offers only premium survice like netflix. To watch famous tv shows, you need to pay 6.99$ USD per month. And if you want to enjoy premium content (latest movies, cartoons and especially animes) you need to select the premium plan of 11.99 $ USD. Like all of the above sites, Crunchyroll is available for almost all devices including Roku, Nintendo, play station vita, Xbox, Apple TV, iOS, Android devices.


Last Words:

I hope all of the above sites we’ll attract you the most but i still recommend NetFlix and Youtube that are world’s best video streaming networks. But everyone has a different choice and taste. Don’t forget to share with your friends because “Sharing is Caring”.


Which website do you use to watch online videos? (movies, tv shows, cartoons and much more)

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