What is Mod Apk & Tools used to create Mod apk

Mod Apk

You may have heard about “Mod Apk” on some websites or youtube videos. The word “Mod Apk” is a combination of two English words “Mod” which means modified while “Apk” (Android Package) is file format of android apps like that of pc is “.exe” etc.

So, mod apk is the modification of the original android app. This app is modified, upgraded or edited by the third person without the developer’s permission. There could be many reasons behind this modification and we will discuss all of them in details.

Why use mod apk?

Mod apk is used to unlock all features of that game or app.

Let’s suppose,

I am using the android app and want to unlock its premium features but i can’t do so as i need to pay for this. Then, of course, i will use its mod to use premium features without paying a penny.

Usually, mod apk is used by gamers to get unlimited coins for free. In short, to unlock more features in apps and games we prefer mod apk on its original app. In mod apk, payment system and other custom Api’s are cracked by an unknown source.

How apps are modified?

These apk modes are created by different professional persons. Many of them are YouTubers, hackers, and bloggers who create apk modes to upload on their youtube channel and blogs.

for this purpose, specific android apk is patched, cracked or nulled. For example, you will see “Lucky Patcher” app on google (search engine) which can be used to crack any android app. This app will modify that app and payments, ads, permissions etc will be removed.

Tools used to create mod apk

Mod apk for android

Mod apk is usually developed by programmers who use their coding skills to do this but a number of tools have been introduced that will allow you to modify any app for free just in a few clicks. These tools are given below.

(Use these tools at your own risk, it may harm your device and us w’ll not be responsible for any type of loss)*

  • Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is an android app developed by hacking team “Chelpus”. As this is a hacking tool, so it could not be uploaded on the play store. This app has more than 2 Billion installs through different app stores and websites. This app can be used to hack different games and apps. Now Google play store has banned this app but still, you can use this.

(You will be shocked to know that Lucky patcher could hack play store to install paid apps for free till 2017 after that play store is now invisible in that app, Google has invested a huge amount of money to do this)*


  • Apk Editor Pro

It is an android app available on google play store but it is not free. However, apk editor is free. Both Apk editor and Apk editor Pro are developed by famous android developement company “Steal Work”. Through this app, you can change the app icon, package name, images, and codes. To create mod apk, you need to be a coding expert otherwise first tools is better for you. You can also install Apk Editor Pro app mod for free which is available on many websites.

Google’s activity towards this

Many apk “mods” were used to unlock premium features without any investment. That’s why developers were disappointed for this. Their hard work and efforts were going useless as they were not earning anything from their games. That’s why Google has introduced a new Payment method Api which is unhackable. You may have seen this API in 8 Ball Pool, Clash Of Clans, Pubg and Subway surfers newest version like modern and top-rated games.

Google has also blocked Mod Apk from google play store. No one can upload and install mod apk from play store.

Play store has also added “Lucky Patcher” app in the risk zone. Whenever you w’ll try to install this app even from any other website, google play store will show warning notifications and will ask you to uninstall this app. Until you won’t uninstall that app, you will see this notification again and again.

Is it good to use Mod Apk?

It depends on that apk which you are going to use. Only you have to decide whether you should use these apk mods or not. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages to using mod apks.


Of course, mod apk has a number of advantages which are forcing people to use them. I have explained a few of these advantages given below.

  • You will be able to use premium features for free. You won’t need to pay for this.
  • You won’t see disturbing notifications again and again. (available in few mods).
  • In a few game modes, new characters, designs and other objects are added. And that game looks awesome.
  • You don’t need to update that app or game after installing it.
  • In some mods, different permissions are removed to stop the server’s access to your storage and to protect your personal data.
  • During a game, you will enjoy free unlimited coins, James, unlimited money hacking account instantly, creating more than one (multiple) accounts at a time and many more features.
  • Last and least advantage is that Google ads are removed from different apps. And you will be able to use ads free app.


Although mod apk has a number of advantages which are listed above it has a dark side too. Here are a few of its disadvantages given below. It is my kind request to you “Please read these disadvantages carefully”.


  • These Apk Mods are generated by professional Programmers and Hackers who spend their precious time in building mods. Do they do this for free? of course not. They generate money by adding spamming ads in your mobile phone. These ads work in background and slow down your device.
  • Mostly mod Apk contains virus and malware which is harmful to your device.
  • Mod apk is the best weapon of hackers who use it to steal your personal data. Your accounts are not safe. This is not a difficult task. A simple software “KeyLogger” is used to inject codes in the app to access and steal data of that person who installs that app.
  • If game or app developer detected that you are using or even trying to use mod apk, your account will be suspended permanently.
  • These mods are developed by “unknown source”, so these apks are not trusted.
  • You won’t believe but hackers can use your camera and microphone to see what are you doing. They can also check your pictures and phone calls.

How to install Mod apk on your device?

It is strange to know that installing mod apk on your device is very different from installing the original app. Like you only have to visit play store, select app, and click on the install button in case of installing the original app. But in the case of mod apk, it is not too simple. Here is the method to install Mod Apk.

  • Uninstall the original app if it is installed on your device, otherwise, mod apk won’t install.
  • Download the .apk file from anywhere. You can search for it on google and youtube.
  • If that file is in .apk format then it’s ok. While if that fill is compressed in.Zip or  Rar file, you need to extract that file using any app (find on play store).
  • Click on .apk file. If installing is started then it’s ok otherwise you have to open Settings > Application >  Unknown Source. And there click on “Allow” button.
  • You can also install “App extractor” or app extractor lite android app to perform this task faster.
  • After completion of the installation, you will see two buttons of “Done” and “Open”. You can select any of them. Enjoy it!

If the app is not installed successfully, you should check whether the app is already installed or not. If it already exists then uninstall it and try again. If still you failed then file is corrupted and you need to find the correct file.

Is it legal to use mod apk?

These Mod Apks are not designed by original developers. This is illegal to use such app. It is also illegal to create any app’s mod without developers written permission. This is usually mentioned in the app’s privacy policy.

How to find a safe moded apk file?

It is difficult but still possible to find moded apk file which is 100% safe from malware and hacking keys. Here are a few tips that you should keep in your mind while downloading the moded apk file.

  • Find on Youtube

Youtube is not a secured platform but many technical YouTubers are trusted. If you watch his video related to any mod apk then download it because mostly YouTubers don’t give the unsafe file to their followers.

  • Create yourself

The best way is to create a moded apk file instead of disturbing any other. If you don’t know coding and programming language, then you can use Lucky Patcher app. Search for it on google and youtube for more info.

  • Check apk file

Before installing the app, you should check whether it is safe or not. The best way is to use apk scan tool (search about it on google). There are many such tools available on the internet that work online.

  • common sense

If your app is asking for permissions which it doesn’t require then that app can steal your data.

For example Calculator app is asking for access to media, camera, microphone, and the internet, etc.

And If you found that your device is slowing down, it means mod apk contains malware. You should uninstall that app immediately.

  • Apk Detection

Install “Apk Detection” android app available on google play store. This app is also known as Spy detector. As this app can detect background hacking activities in your mobile phone and will protect your device from hackers.

  • Clear Caches

Some apps are too much dangerous and harmful that it starts working after you have uninstalled it. The best way is to clear its caches before uninstalling it. Here is a simple method to clear caches.

“Settings > Applications > Installed > *App name* > clear caches”


Top 10 websites to download mod apk

We have discussed all mod apk in this article now i will tell you from where will you find these mod apks. Here is a list of top 10 websites where you will find mod apk for free.

  1. Apk Pure

Apk pure is one of the websites whose database is filled with millions of files. It looks like google play store. This website is trusted and 100% secured from the virus but still, some of their apps contains a virus (personal experience).

  1. Mods Apk

A large collection of cracked games and mods are available on this website. Many apk websites get mods from this website. You can search for any app and can download any of its old or new version. You can also download original apps from this website.

  1. On Hax

It is another best website to download mod apk and alternative site to google play store. From this site, you can also download premium apps for free. This website is responsive and user-friendly.

  1. Apk 4 free

Apk4free is a website where you can download all type of paid android apps and games for free. A huge collection of cracked and mod apps are available here. just visit their website to download them.

  1. RevDl

Although both apps and games are available on this website this site is mostly preferred by gamers. Mod apks are added here on a daily basis. As this website is updated regularly, so you will see new mods daily.

  1. Mod Apk Down

It is also an apk site famous for mod apk. You will find both cracked as well as original apps from this website. You will be given the latest version of apk only. To download old versions, you can visit any other site.

  1. Up To Down

It is a top-ranked android app store where a large collection of apps are available. This is the only legal website in this list. But still, developers can upload mod apk on this website. So all large amount of mod apk is also available here. It is also a trusted website.

  1. I Hacked It

Now a day, ihackedit has become popular due to their unique style as it looks like a blog instead of apk downloading website. Not only android apps, but you can also download IOS and window cracked apps, software, and games.

  1. Apk Fun

It is a stylish website where all the apps and games are arranged decently. Here you will find both nulled and original versions of apk for free. Paid apps are also available to download for free.

  1. Apk Whale

This website is only designed for nulled and moded apps and games but original apps are also available here. This website is totally free to use. You just have to visit this website and enjoy free mods.

If i have missed any best mod apk website, then mention that in comments.


final words

If you have read this article completely and carefully, then you should be clear about this.

Yes, i believe that mod apk has many advantages but it is also true that these apps are harmful to your device and can steal your data. I have discussed both advantages and disadvantages in this article. As a blogger, it is my responsibility to tell you truth only. I strongly recommend not to use these mods.

what is your opinion. .

Should we use mod apk or not? give your answer in comments.

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