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Jogging stroller vs regular stroller

Choosing a stroller that fits into your needs is not an easy decision. There are loads of variances and considerations to make and not forgetting the myriad of brands and models. One easy approach is to understand your lifestyle before going ahead to settle for a model. Your budget will also play a big role in whatever you end up bringing home. Even with that, we do not promise the ride is going to be easy.

This post is a duel between a jogging stroller and a regular stroller. It is going to be one blow for another as we take an account of their benefits and features. It is our hope that by the time we come to the end of this, you will have made up your mind on what works for you.

Are you ready for the ride? Let’s do this now.

A head-to-head comparison of joggling stroller and regular stroller: who wins the battle?

Both the jogging and regular strollers make sure your babies will have a memorable experience every time you both go out. They help you come with your baby without worrying about carrying them. And that is the end of the line for the similarities between the two.

Now let’s go to the differences and start with a summary table.

Jogger Regular stroller
It has bigger wheels, hence bulkier of the two It is foldable and more compact
Front wheels are lockable to allow for jogging and running No locking mechanism for the front wheels
Has 3 refillable rubber wheels Comes with 4 hard plastic wheels
Works best on rough terrains. It will give you top performance on grass and gravel Best suited for smooth surfaces like floors
One-hand operation since it comes with a single handlebar Some come with separate handlebars hence will require both hands to push
The wheels have suspension and give a smooth ride Bumpy ride because the plastic wheels have no suspension


Physical differences

  • Jogging stroller

The jogger has 3 wheels with 2 of them at the back and 1 at the front. The tires are pneumatic, while the wheels are air-refillable just like ordinary bike tires. One of their superior features is that they have suspension for shock absorption. They give you a smoother ride even on rough terrains.

One of the things that have changed about joggers is that the front wheel is not fixed like a few years ago. It is now fitted onto a swivel and can make 360-degree movements. The wheel also has a lock mechanism to allow you control over how you move.

The disadvantage of joggers is that they are a bit bulkier. Petite parents may not find them conducive. They will also take more space in the house and your car. But many brands are addressing that problem already.

  • Regular stroller

They have 4 wheels, 2 at the back and 2 at the front. Their tires are hard plastic and although they have a plastic lining, they do not give you a smooth ride. The front wheels have a swivel to make it easy to maneuver. However, they are not lockable and this rules them out for running and jogging.

One of the perks for regular joggers is that they are not bulk. Therefore, they do not demand much storage space. You may consider going this way if you are short on space in your house and car.

The ride differences

While both devices emphasize your baby’s comfort, there are significant differences in their riding quality. Both of them have padding on the seats and you can adjust them to recline. The canopies can also be adjusted to various positions to prevent your baby from sunlight and wind.

The ride experience is like day and night because while a regular stroller feels like a 70s car, a joggers give you the comfort of the modern sedan.


A jogging stroller gives you a way to exercise when you are with your baby. You can run or jog and your baby is never in any risk. Another good thing about joggers is that they are suited for rough terrains. They will not be stuck on gravel. The downside of joggers is that they do not offer you much space in case you want to go shopping with your baby.

Regular strollers are sturdy and give you beastly performance on smooth surfaces. They also offer you generous space to put your shopping items. However, their ride is not very comfortable and maybe hectic pushing through rough terrain.

Well, to choose one over the other is a matter of preference. It is also dependent on your budget and lifestyle. We now believe you can make a decision that you will not regret. Pick what suits your needs and take your baby wherever you go shopping or jogging.



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