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face app is a mobile app for both ios and android devices. It is auto photo editor which was first launched in 2017 (Ios in Jan 2017 while Android in Feb 2017) by a Russian app development company “Wireless Lab” led by FaceApp inc. FaceApp has more than 100 Million+ downloads with the best ratings of 4.5 stars.

FaceApp is also a trending app on google play store as well as the apple app store. It is also a top-ranked app in the category of “Photography” after crossing Picsart and Photo collage maker like best photo editing apps. This app has many features to make you look old and young. Many other options like gender, glasses, smile, beard, and hairstyles also exist in this app. It is a freemium app, you can use basic features for free.

However, you need to buy premium membership if you want to use more options and designs. This app was not much popular in the beginning but it becomes much popular after some incidents. We w’ll discuss its ‘Pro mode’ in details.

How did this app work?

faceapp pro

FaceApp use AI (Artificial Intelligence) Api to edit pictures automatically. In this app, the latest technology of artificial intelligence is used to recognize the face and its few parts like eyes, beard and hears. Then it uses its technology to add Age filter on that picture. Users are allowed to customize it and download or share that picture on social media. Its features are described below with full details.


This app has a number of features like Age, glasses, hairstyle, color, filters and much more that will make you look awesome. I am going to list these features below with details.

1) Aged

This is the most famous feature used in this app. Through this feature, you can make yourself look old or younger than before. This best and most used feature consists of three options given below.

  • Look Old

Using this feature, you will look old. You hair color will be changed and you will see a specific beard on your face.

  • Old aged cool

This feature is similar to above but you will look cool and something different.

  • Look young

This app will make you look handsome and young through this feature. Your beard will be removed automatically.

2)- Beard

This awesome feature will give you a choice to select a beard style for your face. This app works automatically. You don’t need to move the beard sticker and place on the mouth. There are many beard styles some are listed below:

  • Hipster

This will add a normal short beard on your face, this beard style will make you look handsome.

  • Full beard

This is a premium beard style which will add full beard on your face.

  • Mustache

This effect will add mustache on your face. This is also a premium style. Mustache will fit on your face and you will look perfect with this style.

  • Shaved

It is a premium style which will remove the beard from your face. No one could guess that it is an original pic or not.

  • Lion

This premium style will add a beard on your face without a mustache. You will look cool in this style.

3)- Makeup

Makeup feature consists of many effects which will change your look but it is a premium feature and only premium users can use this tool. These tools are mostly used by women.

  • Makeup 4

This auto makeup tool will make you look beautiful. All the symbols available on your face will be removed.

  • Makeup 3

This is also a makeup filter like that of Makeup 4 but it has different effects. It has a dark effect unlike makeup 4.

  • Dark

This dark effect will dark your skin color, especially lipstick. You should try at once.

  • Bright

This is a bright effect which will convert your skin color to white bright. Your lipstick color will also be changed.

4)- Glasses

Want to check that how will you look like wearing glasses? then use this feature which can automatically add glasses on your face. There are only two glasses styles. One is eyeglasses which you can use for free while another one is “SunGlasses” which is premium.

This app is using smart technology. If you are already wearing glasses, it will remove previous and will add a new one. How’s that?

5)- Hairstyles

This tool will completely change your look. There are many hairstyles available in this app. All of them are premium except “Bangs” which you can use for free. The most famous hairstyle of this “App” is hitman which is also premium. Hitman hairstyle is used by many people.

6)- Hair colors:

Of course, hairstyles won’t look much attractive without changing hair colors. You can select Black, Blond, Brown, Red and Tinted color for your hairs. Only black color can be used for free. You can’t change hair colors other than black if you are not using face app pro version.

7)- Filters:

The best and high-resolution filters of face app will make your image look more attractive and beautiful. Only a few filters are premium while all others are available for free.

These filters can increase your picture quality, you can also increase or decrease its effect.

8)- Lens Blur:

This feature works the same as DSLR camera. Your background will be blurred automatically and only you will be focused on the picture. You don’t need to customize or edit it, as it works automatically. If there are two or more than two persons in your picture, this effect may blur all persons other than you.


FaceApp at a time works for one face only. If more than one face detected in the selected pic, you will be allowed to select anyone from them.

If you wish to use face app for more than one face then you have to use this app for every face one by one. This is time taking procedure but FaceApp team is trying to fix this issue in the upcoming update.

9)- Background:

Wow… What’s that… it’s Amazing.

You won’t believe but you can change your background pic just in one click. A number of background pictures are available in this app, you can select any of them. You can also add any other background picture from the photo gallery. A few backgrounds with shadow also exist in this app but only one of them is free while others are premium.  Just search for amazing high-quality background pics on google, download any background picture which you like and set it as a background picture from FaceApp.

10)- Overlay

This effect will add colorful overlays on your picture. You can also increase or decrease its effect. Many of the overlays are free but some are premium. Sunset effect is mostly used by FaceApp users. About 19 different overlays exist in this app and half of them are available for premium users only.

11)- Impression

This feature will create impressions on your face Automatically. This feature includes impression filters like Hollywood, Hollywood 2, Wave and Wave 2. But unfortunately, this feature doesn’t exist in free mode, you have to buy FaceApp premium to use this feature.

12)- Fun

Are you tired by wasting your time by selecting filters for you? Then here is the best solution. The fun option will provide you only those filters that will fit on your face and you will look perfect. You can directly share your picture on facebook.

Many other styles like long hairs, changing gender and much more also exist in fun option. This option is really full of fun.

13)- Layout

You can collect more than one images in one picture by this feature. You can select the different style and designs for layouts.

A couple of other features also exists in this app like crop images, vignette and picture adjustments, etc.

14)- Tattoo

Want to set a tattoo on your face? just select the best tattoo design and do this. You can’t set this tattoo anywhere, faceApp will automatically set tattoo on your face. If you ever use this app, use this feature at least once. This feature includes tattoo designs like Tear, Heart, Lightning, Star, Anchor, Diamond, Arrows, Triquetra, ethnic, Tribal 1, Tribal 2, Tribal 3 and Skiff. All of the above tattoo designs are free except skiff, triquetra, diamond, and tear.

15)- Crop

You can crop your image and can skip those parts which you don’t like. It is just a ordinary feature and doesn’t use any advanced method.

If you are thinking to remove “FaceApp” watermark from your image by cropping it, then you are wrong. You should use any other app like Picsart for this purpose or you need to buy their premium version to remove FaceApp’s watermark from your photos.

16)- Smiles

Are you looking upset in your pic and want to look happy? Then this app will add a smile to your face automatically. This smile will look 100% original and no one could guess that. Smile style includes Classic, Wide, Tight and Upset. Except Classic, other smiling styles are premium.

Is it safe?

Of course not!. This awareness news is common on social media and tv channels. Because FaceApp restores your original pictures to their server. FaceApp is trying to collect face images of Billions of people and sell them to intelligence agencies. if you are using this app then you are giving them a licence to use your photo, name and identity which they can use for any purpose.

In early 2019, FaceApp was criticized by press and social media. US senate also spoke against this app but App owner declined all of those claims by saying that “your images are not restored in the server, these are only used on google cloud platform”.

This app earned popularity by going viral on social media. FaceApp became the top trend on twitter when a US senetor criticized this app. After that cricketer’s old pictures during “Icc World Cup 2019” also became viral on social media. Many actors, celebrities and other famous people shared their old aged pictures on their official social media accounts which made this app more special for their fans.

However, many actors and celebrities also criticised this app for privacy issues. Many Muslim scholars also criticised this app as this app was used by a majority of muslims and making fun of any other is not allowed in Islam.


FaceApp Pro Apk

FaceApp’s premium version is called “FaceApp pro”. FaceApp pro costs “3.99 €” every month, 19.99 € for every year (more than 60% off). While you have to pay “44 €” to use this app free for a lifetime. 

FaceApp pro will provide full-size filters, filter updates and ads will be removed And faceapp’s watermark will also be removed from your photos. If you are happy with FaceApp free version then you should try FaceApp premium version also. If you are interested to buy pro version then try to buy “Forever” instead of buying for a month or year. And also read below paragraph before buying FaceApp pro.

How to get FaceApp Pro Mod for free?

Although FaceApp pro is not free and you have to pay for this on monthly basis but you can enjoy its mod for free that we are going to provide for free. Just install this fentestic app and enjoy it.

This FaceApp mod is tried and tested by me. It will work 100%. If you are still facing any issue or want to ask any question regarding this, then we are waiting for your comments.

Final words

This auto photo editing app is amazing, you can edit your photo just in one click instead of wasting your precious time on PhotoShop and Pic editor like professional software. Just share your pictures on facebook to show your friends how will you look like after becoming old or how you looked when you were young. Share this article with others and give answer to my given question in comments.

Which effect do you like in FaceApp?

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