How to write an application for leave?

If you want to leave your school, college or office, you should write an application to the head of that department so that it could be easy to impress him/her. Taking leave without any properly written work usually creates a problem for office. It is an official rule to request anything with a written document so that it could be easy to understand it and to save it in office/school records.

To write an application, there are a few points you should keep in mind.


In that case if you are writing an application for anything’s approval, then read their guideline. As it usually required to attach a number of specific files with them.


1)- Beginning (Subject of application):

It is usually not required but in few companies and schools especially in govt sectors, you are required to mention your department title and city in beginning. You can also put application subject so that it become easily for your boss / principal to understand it.


2)- Salutation:

Salutation is used to show expression of greetings for someone else. In this portion, you need to write about your Boss, Principal or any other. Example: “Dear principal”, you can also use his/her name for best impression.

Note: Don’t forget to use Respective or dear.


3)- Describe your purpose:


In this portion, you need to discribe ‘for what purpose you are writing this application’. Like “Kindly grant me leave for one day”. Here i have disclosed that i am here to take leave for one day. So, Taking leave is the main purpose of application.


4)- Reason for taking leave:


Now you need to describe the reason for taking leave. Why you want leave?. It’s Reason could be illness, work at home or any other (depends on you). You should explain that reason without putting unneccessory statements.


5)- Number of leaves required:


Then write the Number of leaves (1 leave = 1 working day) you want. Usually application is written for one day or half day. It depends on you, for how much time you want leave.


6)- Your personal Info: (if required)*


If you are from school or from office where a number of individuals work, then you need to write your personal info including Your name, roll number, class or id card number etc so that your principal or Boss could easily recognise you.


7)- Ending:

Also leave your signature at the end of application. In case of that you are a student, then your father’s signature would be required here. Usually, time / date is also written in end of application. It depends on you, wether you want to include this portion or not.


Few Tips To Make Your Application Give Good Impression:-


Here are a few tips that you should know while writing application.

  • Don’t write application too short or too long. It should consist of neccessory words only.
  • If you want leave because of illness, then also attach “Medical Report” with it (if possible).
  • Keep in mind that BOP (beauty of paper) is the first impression of your application and ‘first impression is the last impression’. Beauty of paper includes side lines, headings, paragraphic division and hand writing etc.
  • If your handwriting is illegible (not clear enough to be read) then hire someone  for this task.
  • Write your application as simple as you can.
  • Don’t explain much about your reasons of writing application.
  • If you are scared for being insulted due to any mistake in Application, then you should copy application from google or any helping book. Few samples are also given below.
  • Keep yourself far away from grammer and spelling mistakes.
  • Don’t ask for leave for too many days.
  • Once your application is being rejected, then don’t write it again (for some time).



I have pasted a couple of application samples written by me. You can copy them and use them for application purpose.

(If you want to copy them for any other purpose, them read website’s terms and conditions first)


  • subject: Sick leave application


Dear Mr/Mrs {Recipient’s Name or his post},


I beg to say that i am in need of leave from school/office because of my illness. Due to infection of viral diseases, i am feeling weak for few days.


According to medical report, I need to take rest for two days only. For your satisfication, i have attached medical reports with this application.


Kindly grant me leave for two days, so that i could take rest as per doctor’s advice. I will re-join {office/school} very soon.


Yours Sincerely,

{Your Name}


  • Subject: Application of leave for urgent work


Dear Mr/Mrs {Recipient’s Name or his post},


I beg to say that i  want leave from school/office because i have an urgent work at home. I tried my best to do that work in spare time, but i failed.

As you know that i am a regular {worker / student / person} and haven’t been absent from {office / school} till now.

Kindly grant me leave for one day only. I shall be very thankful to you.


Yours Sincerely,

{Your Name}


  • Subject: Application for leave to attend someone’s marriage ceremony


Dear Mr / Mrs {Recipient’s Name},


Hope you are well. Through this letter, i want to notify that i can’t come to {School / Office} for next two days. I have to attend marriage ceremony of my {brother / sister / family member}.

I have attached invitation card for you, it w’ll be proud moment for me to have your presence there.

Kindly grant me a leave till {date}. I shall be very thankful to you for this kindness.



{Your Name}



Last words:-

I hope above points w’ll help you a lot in writing an application for leave. If you are still confused for it, then feel free to contact us. We are here to help you.

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